The Venetto Classic is a next generation fully automated, compressor built-in ice cream maker. Its elegant black and stainless steel design blends perfectly in a modern kitchen.

With a super efficient compressor unit, the Venetto Classic churns up to 1.5 litres of superior quality ice cream within 30-50 minutes. You can expect professional results even with challenging recipes with low fat milk or liqueur. No more waiting time in between batches, no more pre-frozen containers necessary!

What's more, Venetto Classic is an extremey quiet machine, it churns ice cream silently, without a sound. You can now prepare your favourite ice desserts without disturbing your dinner guests !


Shape Size :
30cm W x 38.5cm L x 32cm H
Weight : 13.5 kg
Capacity : 1.5 litre
Voltage : 230V
Power : 150 W
Warranty 1 year condition